A to Z Challenge | Y is for Yesterday 5

Day 25 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is Y for yesterday.

Yesterday, a week ago, six months ago, last year or five years ago. It doesn’t matter how long ago something happened that memory can wedge itself in your head.


Yesterday and anxiety

Doubts can form and you can overthink things. You can think and think about what happened. Should I have said that? Were they mad at me? Anxiety can make you question everything that has happened. It can make you think through every conversation, every interaction with people. Should I have said that? Was that person’s ‘hello’ genuine? Are they pissed off at me for some reason?

Yesterday and depression

Hurt can still upset you. Tears can still run down your cheeks at the memory of a friends rejection eight years ago. The cheating boyfriend from three years ago still makes you doubt yourself. Bad experiences from your childhood can carry on affecting you. Unlike anxiety, depression doesn’t make you think and think about things. You don’t know that these things from your past are still affecting you. They are deep in your mind’s subconscious so you’re not consciously thinking about them. Bad experiences, hurtful moments, bad memories can build up. Each one piling up on top of each other with the pain getting worse. And that’s what makes it even harder to move on as every new memory just reinforces what has happened before.


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