Button heart

I’ve been thinking about posting some more crafty posts for a while now. I’m going to post some of my makes and hope that it will encourage me to make more! It won’t really be a tutorial or DIY post – but you might get some inspiration from it?

I love buttons. Don’t know what is about them really but I ❤️ them! I’ve made them into jewellery, stuck them down to make pictures, sewn them onto clothes and made button flowers. I will always gaze at them in craft stores. Buying them so that they can sit in glass jars in my spare room!

Homemade DIY button heart. Craft at Milly's guide to happiness.
I made this button heart a while ago. The buttons were in a job lot that I’d bought from eBay. I threaded the buttons onto some wire, back and front, twisting the wire into a heart shape as I went along. I found the lace ribbon in my craft stash and tied it on the the top. The heart now hangs on a nail underneath the staircase in my living room. Often when I look at it and smile – I’m proud that I made it by pretty much making it up as I go along!

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