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6 reasons why pilates is good for your mental health 23

Have you ever tried pilates? We all know that exercise is good for you for many, many reasons. As well as walking I find that doing some pilates is really good for my mental health. Developer Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health were extrinsically linked. He developed this exercise believing that it was good for your physical as well as mental health. But I think somewhere along the line we’ve lost that. I started going to pilates classes on the advice of my doctor for sciatica. And while it was good for my back I found it was […]

How does pilates help you to manage your mental health? Six reasons why pilates is good for stress, anxiety and depression.

According to the Daily Mail I am hooked on my happy pills

Dear Daily Mail I’m not hooked on Happy Pills 23

Did you see the front cover of the Daily Mail on Friday 29th December? Or seen ‘A nation hooked on happy pills‘ article by Ben Spencer, Medical Correspondent online? According to the Daily Mail I am hooked on my happy pills. That I went to my GP demanding a quick fix. And they were tired of dealing with lots of unhappy, complaining patients and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone just gave me some pills. Actually Mr Spencer it didn’t happen like that. When I first started taking antidepressants I was 22 and seeing a counsellor. […]

Top ten ways to look after your Mental Health at Christmas 12

Do you find that the Christmas season affects your mental health? Do you feel pressure to feel happy at this time? Do you find it hard to spend lots of time having to feel jolly? The lead up to Christmas starts so early. For three months we are bombarded with Christmas adverts, the must have presents, decorations and songs. For me I can’t begin to feel Christmassy until December. This year I have had my nails painted red and sparkly and have bought my first ever Christmas jumper. I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping because I really don’t want […]

Top ten ways to look after your mental health at Christmas