Milly’s Journal

My humans are home! 9

My humans are home! They’ve been somewhere called Amsterdam which was apparently very cold and they visited lots of museums. Now I’ve been having a lovely time, had lots of fun walks and got lots of treats while they were away but there’s nothing like cuddles with my mum.  

Milly's Guide

Double trouble!

Today we went for a new place for a walk. There were lots of leaves, mud, water and a new friend to play with! Meet Rosie, she’s also a fox red labrador and the humans kept calling her my mini twin. We had so much fun, chasing each other round and round, playing in a muddy stream and playing tug with a giant stick! I had to have a bath when we got home because I was very muddy and smelly. I’ve been sleeping a lot since we got home, Rosie is 3 years younger than me and we ran […]