Getting in the Christmas spirit

So I haven’t been feeling Christmassy yet this year. I love Christmas, love wrapping presents, singing along to all the cheesy songs. But I’ve never been someone who gets excited too early. It has to be December! People around us have had Christmas trees up for weeks and lots of lights outside their houses. And I have scowled at them, scoffing at this too early celebration of Christmas. However, for the last week or so I have wondered when my Christmas spirit was going to appear.

Yesterday morning I woke up with Christmas songs in my head! I think it was probably something to do with the Christmas panto and celebration we had at work on Friday. Saying Merry Christmas to people that I won’t see until the New Year made me realise how close it is. I also bought Milly’s Christmas presents and felt happy thinking about her playing with them on Christmas morning! So yesterday evening we got the tree out and decorated it. I made some paper chains and a felt snowman decoration. I’d had the kit a couple of years and still got a santa and polar bear decoration to make this week. Milly got in the Christmas spirit with her reindeer antlers!

So yes now I’m in the Christmas spirit! Still got a week at work left but looking forward to a fairly chilled week, seeing friends and then Christmas next weekend 😀 However, Christmas can be a difficult time for us all, whether we have mental health difficulties or not. There’s lots of tips on the internet, from Mind, the Mental Health Foundation and from Nicole at Thrifty Vintage Fashion. All of those links are worth a read.

My tips for you:

  1. However you feel is okay. Whether you feed sad, happy, overwhelmed, anxious, scared, angry. It is all okay. Be honest about your feelings. Tell someone how you’re feeling. At this time of year, you can feel pressured to be happy and for everything to be perfect which just makes you feel worse.
  2. Take time for yourself. Christmas is a time where there are lots of family visits, meals with friends, trips to the theatre or the shopping centre. Sometimes you will need some time by yourself. Take that time for you. Do something you enjoy. Read a book, do something crafty, listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite film. Take some time for you and rest and recharge your batteries. Then you will be revitalised and more able to take part in social situations.
  3. Routine, routine, routine. With a long break from work and lots of different activities and visits can make you feel unsettled. When you can, form some sort of routine and maintain some normality. Walk the dog when you would normally, eat proper meals not just snacking throughout the day, take your meds and vitamins.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are feeling Christmassy and looking forward to a restful, relaxing and happy time.

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