How do you quieten negative thoughts?

This blog is for the good, the bad and the ugly. This includes self care, tears and negative thoughts. Good days and bad days.

This afternoon I had a bad moment. I was upset and felt really stupid. And it was over a silly little thing. A silly little thing that was out of my control and was not affected by my intelligence in anyway! But telling yourself this doesn’t help. It just makes you feel worse and even more stupid, it did for me.

So what did I do to try and make me feel better? I got in bed. Not moping. But being comfortable. Just snuggled under the duvet with Milly by my side. It’s always a treat for Milly and me when she comes upstairs with me! I wiped my tears and distracted myself with Netflix. I’m watching Life Unexpected at the moment which is a sweet heart warming show. I got my pens and colouring book and had a little me time.

Depression and anxiety really suck. And those negative dark thoughts can sometimes be really loud so you have to find ways to quieten them. For me, this afternoon, the way I’m quietening those thoughts is by tv, colouring, Milly, snuggling under my duvet and now blogging. How do you quieten those negative thoughts?

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  • scribbleartie

    Awww, I really hope you feel a bit better after your “me” time with Milly! I tend to do much the same if I feel like that. Or if its a nice day, I’ll just go walking with no destination in mind. Just walking. Focusing on one step in front of the other really helps. Writing it all down so its out of your head onto a page helps too. 🙂 *hugs*

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou I do feel much better. Needed a bit of time out. I did find that writing this blog helped – I’ve not been much of a diary keeper – especially not a long pouring my heart out kind – but it felt good to type it out today!

  • Rhio

    I tend to try my best to ignore them by keeping pretty active. I find cleaning helps me a lot, and definitely going outside even though going outside gives me anxiety, I find when I come home I’m proud that I went out, so I feel a bit better about myself.
    Art is one of mine too, it’s so soothing, I also like gaming (when I can’t ignore them) because it tends to drown them out.
    Great post, hope you’re feeling better, take care

  • A Kinder Way

    Great post. I’ve dealt with anxiety and ocd for most of my life. My coping skills change from time to time, but right now I meditate or go for a walk. Getting outside helps me. (and I’m not an outdoorsy kinda gal so that is kinda weird) I’m glad you were able to comfort yourself and that Milly was there to help.
    I’m sharing this post in my Posts of Note this week. It’s a weekly round up of the posts that I connected with the most all week. It’s a great way to network with other bloggers if you’re interested in stopping by later today. 🙂