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Colouring books for adults are everywhere. Aswell as being a massive craze, with thousands flying off the shelves, colouring books have also become a contentious issue. They have now been blamed for the infantilisation of women, being anti-feminist, a futile exercise for the money rich, time full, unstressed female and most definitely not art therapy, thankyou very much.

All of this I find ridiculous and quite frankly offensive. It is belittling those people with genuine mental health difficulties. A lot of people obviously find that a little bit of colouring is a good way to block out some of the unstoppable blur that a mental health problem can cause inside your head. And what does it matter anyway? Does it matter if I choose to do some colouring one evening? Will it mean I’m no longer an independent women or an equal to my male partner?! No of course not, how flipping ridiculous. If I enjoy it, get some benefit from it and it’s not hurting anyone else then what does it matter? It doesn’t that’s the point. But these blog posts and articles that do criticise adult colouring books are hurting the people who are using them to help themselves get well.


Why I love colouring books to help my Mental Health Millys Guide


I ❤️ colouring. There I said it. I like to flick through the patterns in my colouring book and choose which one to colour in. I like to pick out bright, happy colours. I like to not really think about what I’m doing and just colour. I’m often half watching the tv and half concentrating on staying in the lines. That means there is no room in my brain to think or worry about anything else. Have you got a colouring book? What do you do to switch off and put your mind at rest?


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  • C. J. Hartwell

    I don’t color, but like you, i don’t understand the criticism. Even if there wasn’t a mental health benefit (and I believe there is) what difference does it make? There are far worse ways to spend your free time!
    I might be wrong, but I doubt there’d be as much criticism if it was mostly men doing it.

  • beetleypete

    People relax or relieve stress in many different ways. My wife spends hours playing simple electronic games on her tablet, I write a blog. Some choose to colour in patterns, others crochet, knit, make models, bake cakes, or take on crafting projects. Hobbies and distractions are hardly unique to women, even though they have tended to be more craft-orientated over the years, with needlepoint, and other so-called ‘feminine’ pastimes.
    What about men who play fantasy games with small figures, spend hours on games like Call of Duty, or assembling model kits of warplanes and tanks? Are they not infantilised too? These criticisms are complete nonsense. You carry on with your colouring, Lauren. Enjoy doing what pleases you, and ignore the sniping.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

  • scribbleartie

    You are so right when you say “what does it matter?” At the end of the day, you (or anyone) makes themselves happy by doing whatever they like – its nobody else’s business. Also, you might like to know that there are entire videos on Youtube (most an hour or so long) where you can simply watch someone gently colouring in a page with soothing music and no talking! I bet half these people who are mean about it, secretly have a book or two stashed away somewhere anyway, haha!

  • thoughtsnlifeblog

    when i was younger , i spent hours colouring. Then with my nieces. I got a free colouring book with a magazine and started to colour again, but need to get the passion back, i always feel i have to do xyz, but it is important to be creative too..

    nice post, you colouring is a gold start …. i wont rate my colouring…. lol

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou – for me, it’s not really the finished picture but the process of colouring that’s relaxing. And I think that’s why it’s relaxing because I’m not worrying about how it will turn out.

  • Lulu

    I also love coloring! I have four coloring books, and I keep adding to my collection. Whenever I’m in my local bookstore, I see a new one that I like. They are very meditative. Sometimes at the end of a stressful day, I just need to unwind. I live alone, and I don’t like to watch TV too much, because it feels like I’m just numbing more. Often, I like to read or journal, but when I am overly tired, I just can’t muster the energy for those things. Coloring is an excellent way to unpack my crammed, tired brain when I feel too overloaded or frazzled for anything else. Plus, it is fun! And it most definitely is art! I love choosing just the right shade, and blending different colors together (when I’m using pencils). I love the vibrant, striking accents of markers. I’ve even gotten some of my guy friends hooked! One of them loves to color in his adult coloring book while his little daughters color with their crayons in their children’s books. Another just colors along with his wife after dinner. Reading your post makes me want to take out all my art supplies tonight! Thank you!

  • laura bruno lilly

    Okay, gotta chime in here…in college (back in the days of the dinos) me and my 3 roomies would sprawl out on our teeny living room floor, crayolas in hand, coloring in ‘real’ coloring books…you know, the ones for kids, before the ‘art’ types were readily available and cost effective to purchase.
    At first, we’d exchange opinions on which page to color, then proceed with vigour. Eventually, we mellowed and got into the coloring zone. Actually it was all an avoidance tactic on the nights before FINALS!!!! Seriously, it helped!
    Coloring also increased my vocabulary…I learned so many ‘color’ names on those crayolas. My fav was ‘magenta’; not the color but how it felt so strong and bold in my mouth when I spoke it.
    It’s never too late to enjoy new a ‘sport’!!! Just sayin’.

  • zozieposie

    Well said!colouring is fantastic fun and the books now are amazing and you can really learn more technical knowledge shading etc if wanted. I have a colouring challenge on- maybe you will take a look?

  • Lily

    I lovee colouring. It allows me to calm my mind and be present in the moment. I used to worry about what people thought about me when I told them I like to colour for self-care. But for the most part, people are supportive and if not, I remind myself that it doesn’t matter because it’s called self-care for a reason, it’s for me.