In the beginning…

I’ve always wanted to write a blog. I had a secret one for a while, years ago, just for me. Like a diary I guess. Anyway this time I’m going public. Being brave. Being positive and putting myself out there.

This blog will be a place for me to write how I’m doing. To journal my self care. To consider happiness. To write about Milly and post cute pictures of her. Especially cute photos of her being happy, she’s good at that. I think that’s what this blog will be anyway. We’ll see what happens!

Let me know what you think

0 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  • scribbleartie

    Good for you! May you blog long and happily. I was terrified the first time I pressed *publish* and got really shy when I began to get comments. But it does get better. 😀 Milly is adorable – I have a terrier (Molly), and she teaches me about life every day. Be more dog, that’s what I say!

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou – I’m enjoying it so far. Just got to stick with it. Dogs are the best – she’s nearly always happy hence her happiness blog!