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So week 1 of the Kindness Challenge has been and gone. I really struggle to be kind to myself. Always have. I hope not always will. I am usually negative about myself and towards myself and I want that to change.

I’ve been trying to put together a morning routine. Setting my alarm a little bit earlier. Getting up to do some gentle exercise. A few stretches, a few Pilates moves. And after reading Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love book I added in some affirmations. A few words to say aloud to myself. A few positive words to remind myself that I am okay that I am more than okay.

At first I felt a bit silly. Sitting on my exercise mat in the spare room saying these words out loud to myself. But it did leave me feeling more positive, confident and happy. Did I do it every day? No. There were a few days when I really need some extra minutes in bed so my morning routine didn’t happen. One day I remembered my affirmations later and just said them to myself in the kitchen. Am I upset that I didn’t do it everyday? No, I’m being kind to myself!

I really suggest you check out Niki’s blog The Richness of the Simple Life and the tag #RevofKindness. It’s lovely to hear about lots of other people being kind to themselves. And there are some great quotes that could make great affirmations! Do you have a morning routine or any affirmations?

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28 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge – Week 1 Self Kindness

  • coffeamedicus

    What a great idea! I think I will try doing something similar this week. Part of my morning routine consists of making my way downstairs to prepare myself a good cup of coffee on my espresso machine. It is a bit time consuming but I really enjoy all of the preparations 🙂 !

    • LaurenEph Post author

      I think it’s good to have a routine whatever it is! I imagine setting up the coffee machine is quite methodical? Maybe you could say some affirmations while you set it up?

      • coffeamedicus

        Great idea! It definitely is quite methodical but calming in a way because you can’t rush it or else you won’t get a good cup of espresso. It’s more convenient to use an automatic machine but the flavor profile is different.

  • Niki

    Sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction! Even you not being hard on yourself is showing yourself kindness by not beating yourself up over missing your morning routine when staying in bed a little longer was more satisfying that day. Like with anything, this gets easier with practice. The more you say your affirmations the more they ring true. The more kind you are to yourself, the easier it becomes. How can you reflect on the ways that you were kind to yourself to help you see you are more kind than you realize? No need to answer, just something to consider as we move into week 2. What a great start to the challenge! Thank you for participating!

  • Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding

    I am happy to see you in the challenge. I do have a morning routine. Just about 10 minutes before I head for my bus stop, I read a least one Psalm from the bible. When I am having a very challenging day I read Psalm 27. This really puts a smile back on my heart. I love your idea of sayings affirmations out loud. Smiles 🙂

  • recoverytowellness

    I definitely don’t have much of a morning routine, other than the days when I had to get up and get ready for school, ahaha. But the affirmations thing is a really good one. A few times I’ve tried watching/listening to TED talks to inspire me and would do that for a couple of days. Maybe that’s something I’ll re-incorporate to my mornings…

    I use plenty of mantras myself, like ‘feelings are temporary, this stress/crisis will pass, I believe in a better tomorrow, stay safe” I’ve also listened to a good TheHonestGuys Youtube video where they have a couple videos just about affirmations they’re repeating to you like ‘I am well today’ ‘I will be happy today’ etc. They’re really great, or at least for me they work!

    Great to hear that you’ve embarked on such an interesting challenge and that you’re working to be kinder to yourself. It’s tough but absolutely worth it! Keep on trekking! <3 <3

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou for your comment. I’ll take a look at those YouTube videos. I love the mantra about believing in a better tomorrow! I’ve had a look at your blog and am now following you, there’s still time to join the kindness challenge 😀

      • recoverytowellness

        You’re welcome! =]
        Yes, that one is pretty swell! I’ve made two drawings from that quote =]

        Aww, thank you so much! And yes, I found it through the links you gave and will now be jumping on board. Buahahah! =D

  • KB Garst

    I have a morning routine of trying to get up and exercise before work. Some days it happens, some days it doesn’t. I don’t sleep well at night and sometimes it catches up with me and messes up my schedule. I do say affirmations to myself on a regular basis.

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Sounds like we both try the same morning routine and that we’re both being kind to ourselves by getting extra sleep sometimes!

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou. I thought it was funny that your week 1 reflection involved not going to the gym in the morning and mine involved getting up earlier to exercise! Complete opposites 😀 Good luck for week 2, looking forward to seeing your update.

  • Miriam

    Hi Lauren, lovely post. Your morning routine sounds great, I love the idea of positive affirmations to start the day. Hope you have a great week 2 of the challenge. 🙂

  • Niki

    I hope to see you back for the challenge this year. The first 3 weeks focus on self-kindness. I’m very excited to see how this can support people on their journey of self-love <3