Lazy weekend

This morning I got to go upstairs and laze with my 2 humans in their bed. I love getting under the duvet and getting all comfy. They rolled me up in the duvet and it was great. I love a lazy weekend with my humans!

lazy weekend on Milly's guide to happiness
P.S. Lauren says we are being kind to ourselves after another hectic and stressful week and resting up before another one 😀

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  • Life Mutated

    Ours are confined to the kitchen at night, with each their own little bed to lie on. When their allowed to venture out, the one heads straight for my dad’s chair to greet him, walks ever so calmly to my mom’s giving her a mock kiss and trundles off back to the kitchen. She’s a lighter shade of brown than Milly.

    The other, is a rambunctious lil tornado, yet she never ventures out of the kitchen unless prodded to do so. She’s much happier waiting for her sister’s return so she can berate her on being ‘naughty’ by leaving the kitchen. She’s a white lab but both has the chocolate eye-liner, snout and lips.

    Our brown one, on occasion, would slip out in the morning and come to greet me in bed but she ends up being out of her skin excite, which is so not in her character at all. She jumps on my bed and starts racing around and around me, kicking pillows and bedding all over the place. The one morning, she was so excited, she misjudged her jump and head butted the mattress. Despondently she turned around and kreaped back to the kitchen. Since then she hasn’t been too keen on visiting me in my room.