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Moving House

Whether you’re renting or buying your new home moving is stressful, uncertain, expensive and worrying. I have recently moved house and have reflected on what has helped my mental health during this process. I wish that I had had this list before I moved!


1. Make lists (but be prepared to rip them up!)

Trying to keep track of what needs to be done is hard. There are lots of things to pack and sort out. There are things to be bought to help with the move and for your new home. There’s cleaning and decorating to do in your old house to make sure you’ll get your deposit back. But things aren’t always straightforward and sometimes you have to change your plans, whether that’s having to make 3 trips in the van not 2 or running out of time and just throwing things in boxes – don’t worry about it! Just go with the flow, the most important thing is getting moved not sticking to the plan.

2. Prepare to be stressed

I’m not sure how prepared I was for the move. I knew it would be busy and stressful but I didn’t realise how stressed i would feel! Instead of stress being a surprise, it will be easier if you’re prepared for it.

3. Cry if you need to

I had a massive meltdown during our move. We picked up the van and I felt all this pressure to move and move quickly! I broke down in tears, cried and sobbed for ages. It took me a while to calm down and get myself together. But I did and got on with the move. I’ve looked back and reflected on it and it’s how I felt and what I needed to do at the time.

4. Ask for help

This was something I really struggled to do, but it was worth it when I did. If you need them; your friends, your family and your partner will be there. Open up about your worries and ask for help.

5. Keep track of finances

Everything about moving house is expensive, from the deposit for the new house to renting a van. Find a way to keep track.

6. Think about how you feel

Are you sad about leaving your home? Stopping to think about how you feel is a good way of acknowledging your emotions about the situation.

7. Make life easy

Perhaps you’ll end up eating takeaway for a couple of nights in a row because your pots and pans are still in boxes. Maybe you’re in the middle of the move and you pop to the supermarket for a prepacked sandwich, who cares? Make life easy for yourself at this super stressful time.


The first night in your new home. Dont try and unpack and organise everything. Get your tv and DVD player plugged in and watch a feel good film. You’ll be physically and mentally exhausted from the packing and moving.

9. Be patient (it might take a while for it to feel like home)

It probably won’t feel like home straightaway. It will take you a while to unpack and get settled. Just give it time and you will get into routines and soon be relaxed in your new home. But try not to stress and worry if it takes a while.

10. Celebrate!

You did it! It can be so easy just to slip into normal life but take some time to celebrate – cook a lovely meal in your new kitchen, sit and eat it round the table and celebrate your new home and a successful move.


I managed to come up with 10 ways to look after your mental health during a house move. Have you got any other ways? Leave your hints, tips and thoughts in the comments below

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