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So I haven’t been feeling great recently. It’s something that I’ve briefly mentioned in my weekly gratitude posts #FridayFive. I feel ready to open up about it a bit more and let you know about the changes that I’m implementing in my life to help.


A few weeks ago I went to my Doctor. It was time for my appointment and my name flashed up on the screen. I left the waiting room and sat across from him. I cried. The poor man, I just cried and couldn’t get my words out. He was brilliant. Gave me a tissue, told me to take deep breaths, got me a glass of water and still I cried.


It was a big deal for me to open up and admit that I am struggling. I had no idea how on edge and anxious I was until I couldn’t stop the tears. We agreed to increase my medication and that I would self-refer myself to the Wellbeing Service to look at what talking and CBT therapies they could offer.


Making Changes

Within a week I could feel a difference. It was easier to get out of bed in the morning. I didn’t feel as grumpy, irritable or angry. I found it easier to be around other people. Increasing the medication had helped. I’ve been taking these tablets for five years and I don’t like that I am now on the highest dose. It feels like these may not be the best medication for me and that I might need to change them. This is super scary for me and would involve weaning myself off one type before slowly starting to take the new one.


I have self referred to the Wellbeing Service and have an appointment in the next few weeks. I have previously accessed a counsellor and group CBT sessions through this service. I’m now keen to explore how they can help me further.


Positive Impact

I know that while I have been depressed I have neglected to look after myself. I’ve not been exercising, I’ve been reaching for the chocolate and have certainly put on weight. I have not been being kind to myself. Now I feel like I’ve lifted my head out of the dark place I had sunk to, I’m now keen to lift my body out of it too.

Today I walked 3.5 miles to work. It was a beautiful walk with blue skies and sunshine appearing at the end. I walked on pavements through houses, fields of smelly pigs and woods. This felt like a really positive way to start my day and my week. BY 11:30 I had already achieved my daily step target of 10,000 steps!

I had fruit, yogurt and granola for breakfast. For the first time in weeks I made myself a smoothie. Lunch today was pasta salad full of veggies, a new recipe from a new recipe book.

I was due to go back to a pilates class this evening. It has been months since I’ve been. Pilates is really good for my back, my whole body and my mind. But I’ve struggled to go, to get out of the house and to face people. Once I’d missed a few classes I didn’t feel confident to go back. So did I go back this evening? No, I had a pounding headache for most of the day, came home from and fell asleep on the sofa. Do I feel bad? No. I’m disappointed as I was looking forward to the class but at the same time I know that I did what my body needed to do, sleep!

I’ve bought a new cycle helmet and Josh has cleaned my bike up for me. I’m looking forward to getting out on my bike. Eventually I would like to be able to cycle to work but I definitely need to build my fitness up first!

I feel like I’ve made positive changes in my life for my mind and for my body recently. I plan to continue and to keep adding new things. What positive changes can you make?


Thankyou for reading,

Lauren x

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32 thoughts on “Making changes for a positive impact on your wellbeing

  • beetleypete

    After retiring to Norfolk, I often felt isolated here. I became fixated on the weather, which was almost always bad, and as I got older, I found it increasingly harder to do routine things, like gardening. After a miserable year in 2016, when I almost up and left, I decided that the only way to get through my 65th year was to adopt a more positive attitude. Six months on, and it is working, to some degree, but it’s a slow process to get back to where I was in 2012.
    You are writing about your issues, and confronting them by going to the GP, and getting exercise. That’s positive.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

  • emfletche

    I think the small steps you are taking are all leading in the right direction. Accept that some days you’re going to feel bad, but on those positive days really take the time to do things that make you happy. Love and hugs to you x

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou! They are such wise words. I find it really difficult sometimes, and really have to remember that this too shall pass. Feel like I’ve turned a bit of a corner though which is good xx

  • Gloria

    Well done on making the conscious decision to make positive changes. Everything in life needs to be worked at and I think this is particularly true of our mental & emotional well-being. Keep doing things for yourself. Do what makes you smile. Surround yourself with positive people and those who make you feel good.

  • Gloria

    Well done on making the conscious decision to make positive changes Lauren. Everything in life needs to be worked at and I think this is particularly true of our mental and emotional well-being. Keep doing things for yourself and do lots of what makes you smile. Surround yourself with positive people and those who make you feel good. Practice positive thinking even when you feel like pure crap! On my workshops I tell people to look in the mirror and SMILE your biggest smile. Even if you’re sad. You may feel silly at first but you will end up laughing at your own fake smile. Try it! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😉😉😉😊

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Hi Gloria, Thankyou for your kind words. I will try the smiling in the mirror 😀 I’ve heard of laughing therapy aswell which I think could be quite fun!

  • yesthismoment

    Thank you for sharing the deepest part of yourself with us. There is so much honesty here! By opening up, you can read back your words and see how far you have come You are doing good work, Lauren! Take one moment at a time and try to make that one moment the best. It won’t always work, but you may find that you will have more moments of feeling good when you focus on just one at a time. You have a wonderful heart – remember that! Diane

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou Diane! That’s why I have continued with this blog to share my thoughts and feelings with myself and other people. Thankyou for your kind words x

  • anhistorianabouttown

    I fall into the trap of letting myself go physically, and exercise drastically affects my mental well-being. I found that by finding ways to work exercise in, such as taking the long way to another office at work and doing 10-15 minute yoga videos (something is better than nothing), goes a long way! I also try to celebrate all of the little victories!

  • Casey the College Celiac

    My first reaction? YOU GO GIRL! It’s not easy to admit when we’re struggling and it can be even harder to break out of our routine for the better. Long walks, delicious food and exercise are my favorite activities when I need a positive change, so I’m glad to hear they’re working for you too. Sending lots of love your way!

  • Nicole

    This is so great! I always do the same thing where I don’t do the things that make me happy when I’m feeling down. I stop exercising and eating healthy Obviously, that makes me feel worse! Of course, it’s hard to push yourself to do the things, but it’s worth it when you feel that much better afterward!

  • thebeasley

    Well done you. This can’t have been easy to write, but your progress sounds fantastic. Hope you can make your Pilates class next week. My postive change is getting off my phone more! I swear it’s not good for me.

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou! I know what you mean about the phone, I’ve started to carry puzzle books around with me – it’s a good distraction when I’m waiting at the doctors or waiting in the car!

  • thoughtsfromjasmine

    Positive changes can be so important! I found that once I put my phone down more often and grew less attached to it my wellbeing definitely changed for the better. So glad your changes have been working for you!
    Jas xx