A to Z Challenge | L is for Lonely 4

Day 12 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is L for Lonely.



Mental health can be a lonely condition. Anxiety can tell you that you’re a horrible person, that no-one likes you and that you don’t deserve love and friendship. It is wrong. Depression tells you that it is best to stay in bed, hide under the covers and keep your misery to yourself. It is wrong. Mental Health conditions can tell you that you deserve to be lonely. They are wrong. Perhaps you’ve had horrible people in your life who have told you these things. They are wrong.

Find someone you can talk to. Find your we. That’s why I started the Mental Health Mates Walks so that I could find people that understand what it is like to have a mental health condition. Txt a friend. Say hello to the people you pass in the street. Bake a cake and share it with your work colleagues. Get a pet. You all know by now that Milly is such a massive part of my wellbeing – I even named my blog after her! It’s hard to feel lonely when someone depends on you and demands to be cuddled and fussed!

At the same time, sometimes it’s good to be on your own. Occasionally I need just a little bit of time to myself, just a little bit of quiet and chance to reflect. I’m often reminded of the Pink song which has the lyrics ‘Leave me alone, I’m lonely. Go away, come back.’ It’s all about balance!


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4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge | L is for Lonely

  • beetleypete

    Choosing to be alone and spend some ‘me time’ is of course very different to being genuinely lonely. I was very lonely at one time in my life, and soon found myself drinking to excess, to dull the feeling of isolation. Although it actually worked very well, it is not to be recommended.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  • lorigg

    I agree with Pete on the difference between being lonely and being alone. Sometimes I just need a bit of time by myself to pause and mentally catch my breath. my family knows not to leave me there too long so the negativity does not start.