A to Z Blogging Challenge | R for Routine 8

Day 18 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is R for Routine.

Milly, my Labrador, loves her routines. We get up in the morning, she goes outside, we shake both paws before breakfast, then she goes outside again. When I pop home from work at lunchtime, she goes outside then gets a treat. She then gets back in to bed and looks at me as if to say well go on then, go back to work I’ve got some sleeping to do!

Routine can give you some structure to your day. When I get home from work, Josh and I take Milly on a walk and then come home to cook dinner. It’s become an unofficial rule that we only talk about work up until dinner’s cooked, just to give us some time to unwind from our day.

For a while last year I was trying a morning routine. I got up a bit earlier, did some gentle exercise like some stretches and say some daily affirmations. I had a bit more time to take Milly for a longer walk and chop up some fruit for breakfast. It was dedicated me time. Time just for me before I offered myself to the world. It made me feel like there was more in my life than just getting up and rushing around, straight to work. I felt more positive and I felt healthier. I always find it harder to get out of bed in the winter and my depression has definitely been affecting my get up and go more recently. But it is something I want to start doing again.

Do you have any routines that help you bring joy to your life and help your mental health?

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