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Milly’s Guide is changing – I will now be writing using my name of Lauren Ephithite.

I know you’ve all been wondering how long my blogging break is going to last – it’s been just over 2 months. I was struggling with my blogging, what I was doing and why I was doing it. So I’ve made some decisions:

  1. I want to keep writing about mental health
  2. I want to advocate for good mental health services, ideas and groups.
  3. I want to share what’s going on in my life, my head and with my mental health.

I don’t want to:

  1. Worry about SEO, GDPR and stats.
  2. Feel like a little fish in a big pond. There are lots of mental health bloggers which is fantastic! But for a while it felt like a bad thing – like my voice would never be heard.
  3. Get bored. Blogging was starting to feel like a chore!


  1. I will be advocating for mental health via social media, on facebook, instagram,Β pinterest and perhaps a little bit of tweeting as well.
  2. I will continue to write about mental health through guest posting on other blogs and writing articles.
  3. I may post occasional updates here or I may start a new site as an online portfolio for my writing.
  4. I’ll no longer be hiding behind my labrador, Milly and will be writing under my own name – Lauren Ephithite.

I’ve had a brilliant time blogging, I have grown so much, become empowered to talk and write about mental health and met some wonderful people along the way. I hope you’ll join me and support my journey as I take it in a new direction.

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