Milly’s Weekend Coffee Share 29/10/2016

Regular readers of the blog will know that Milly is a Labrador who inspired Lauren to start a blog. She occasionally blogs too and this is her first Weekend Coffee Share post.

Come in, come in I’m so excited to see you! Sorry I barked at you when you knocked on the door – I didn’t know it was you. What would you like to drink? I can only really offer you water, you can share my bowl. I hope you have some good puppy dog eyes and then maybe one of my humans will bring us a Bonio!


The humans have had a busy week. Lauren says she’s feeling tired after a week of socialising. She’s had dinner with an old school friend, they’ve both been to a pub quiz (I thought they were clever but they only got 4 out of 10 for each question apart from one where they got 4 and a half!) It was also Josh’s birthday and their anniversary and they went to a beer festival, had a Chinese takeaway and yesterday went to see a play. Busy busy, but it’s always nice where they come home and we can relax!


We’ve been out on plenty of walks of course… although this was very confusing! We were going to go for a walk, they had said the magic words, got my lead out the cupboard and then said something about a downpour of rain. Josh tried to show me out of the window but I didn’t understand. Luckily we eventually went out.


Yesterday I went out for a walk with my 6 favourite humans which was lovely!

I hope you’ve had a nice week, after a busy time I’m planning on a lazy weekend, why don’t you join me on the sofa?


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