Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 4th August 2017 4

Practicing gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are the five things that I am grateful for this week. Join in! What are you grateful for?


  1. Milly as usual! There’s been lots of cuddles and play with her this week. I read an article this week which said that dog owners are happier!
  2. I had a really lovely day at the weekend on a Sew Day. This was a whole day spent working on my dress and a new top. It was run by Pippa, the lady who ran the class. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend lots of time sewing and it was lovely to see her and my friend from the course, Abi..
  3. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn the new skill of dressmaking. It’s wonderful to find something that I enjoy and means I get to make myself new clothes!
  4. I’m grateful for a lazy day at the weekend with Josh and Milly. We watched lots of TV. It was lovely to curl up on the sofa and watch Suits and Making a Murderer on Netflix.
  5. I’m grateful for an exciting weekend ahead, more on that next week!


Join in? What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own #FridayFive gratitude blogpost.

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4 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 4th August 2017

  • beetleypete

    I am sure that I can manage five this week.

    1) Grateful for one of the best-ever blogging weeks, coinciding with my fifth anniversary as a blogger.
    2) Grateful for actually missing all the heavy rain on my dog-walks. Lucky, for a change.
    3) Grateful for our excellent GP, who has been so helpful and supportive to my wife.
    4) Grateful to have my wife around at home for a change, even though it’s because she isn’t very well.
    5) Grateful for the wonderful support of the ever-expanding blogging community, which has gone from being a group of like-minded bloggers, to become a group of genuine friends.

    Best wishes, Pete.