Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 4th May 2018 28

This is my weekly blog post sharing what I am grateful for. Practicing gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude and I would love for you to share what you’re grateful for in the comments.

  1. I’m grateful that I can breathe and am taking in enough oxygen. I have had a bad back again this week – not the usual sciatica – and it has been hurting while I breathe (which was obviously worrying!) I had a check up with the doctor and my lungs are okay now I’ve got to just wait out for the muscles in my back to recover.
  2. I’m grateful that I wrote the post about pain and mental health I’ve really been making an effort to look after my mood. I’ve felt a bit sorry for myself and sick of being in pain but so far no dip in mood.
  3. As always, I’m grateful for lots of cuddles with Milly!
  4. I’m grateful for making plans for the summer with Josh – lots to look forward to!
  5. I’ve been reading quite a few books recently. I’m grateful for the time, ability and opportunity to learn from other people. I’ve been reading The Self-Care Project: How to let go of frazzle and make time for you and Calm: Working through life’s daily stresses to find a peaceful centre. Reviews will be coming soon!

What are you grateful for?

Join in! I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own #FridayFive gratitude blogpost. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and week ahead.

#FridayFive Practicing Gratitude Milly's Guide

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28 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 4th May 2018

  • beetleypete

    The sun is out, so here are my five this week.

    1) Grateful for a change in the weather, as in it stopped raining.
    2) Grateful for meeting some new blogging friends, and interacting with them.
    3) Grateful for not having to work, so treating every day the same.
    4) Grateful as always for the companionship of my dog, Ollie.
    5) Grateful for having reasonable health, and not being in pain like you.

    I hope that you feel better soon, Lauren.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  • rachaelstray

    I’m sorry you’re suffering so much this week Lauren. I hope you have a nice long weekend!

    Here’s what I’m grateful for

    1. A long hopefully sunny Bank Holiday weekend spent with the hubby and my family.
    2. Food truck Friday at work today – a yummy treat.
    3. Being allowed to leave an hour early today and making it home in less than half an hour and spending two hours in the garden reading.
    4. I received some really good news this afternoon that I can’t share yet but will soon eeeek excited!
    5. I’m grateful that I am in pretty good health when so many people are not so fortunate.

  • Ritu

    Hope you are much better now Lauren!
    Here’s my 5!
    1) The sun is out, thanks be to Mother Nature/God/ the Universe!
    2) My new fridge arrived today!!!!
    3) I managed to reread and redraft 12 chapters of my manuscript, it is going well!
    4) We have a three day weekend!
    5) My birds are finally eating out of my hand again!

    Have a great week!

  • fancypaperblog

    1. My first is like yours- watching my mood and so far so good….
    2. My littke girl is in better form than last week
    3. New garden furniture purchase to enjoy!
    4. Braving weight class
    5. Drama festival woohoo🙂🙂

  • Debbie Harris

    Hi Lauren, sending positive thoughts and hope you’re feeling better soon.
    1. I’m thankful for friends and family for being understanding as we plan a three month holiday overseas. We leave on Monday 😬
    2. I’m grateful to be in a position that I can travel.
    3. I’m grateful for being nominated in the Bloggers Bash Awards and being able to attend the awards!!
    4. Autumn weather
    5. Being part of this amazing blogging group.

  • Gary

    Very inspiring Lauren. Despite the sciatica and pain, you still find five things to be grateful for. Many would turn to negativity and I’m sure those moments do hit. In fact you touched on it in number 2. Understandable mind, given the circumstances. I do enjoy these gratitude posts. I must get into the habit of trying this out!

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou Gary. I’ve had some tears today as I’ve been stuck in bed for most of the day with a really painful headache, seems like one thing after another lately 🙄 but I do find the gratitude helps!

      • Gary

        You have my deepest sympathies. It must suck at times and get very overwhelming. Keep up the blogging and your positivity is awesome. I’ve no idea how it would affect me. I’m not sure sure I’d be high up on gratitude. So kudos to you x

  • Claire Saul (PainPalsBlog)

    I’m with you on the back pain Lauren – woke up early with my normal lower back/sciatica off the scale and pain higher up too….think I have slipped a vertebra in my neck eeek! Probably from bending over making icing roses (see below).
    So…I am grateful
    1. To have hubby home after a week away on a school trip – but also that he had a great time despite challenging weather!!
    2.I managed to make a 40th birthday cake – it gets tougher each time, but have just had a lovely text from the lady who ordered it.
    3. For my oldest who ran me round yesterday hunting for a cake board as our local shop had shut down – he even caught me when I passed out in the sun ha, ha, ha….very grateful!! He and his sister have looked after me whilst hubby away x
    4. My girl had a wonderful last day at school yesterday – GCSEs started this week.
    5. The sun is shining…so despite a bad pain day, with the sun and a string of lovely BUYB posts, I will smile!

  • angelanoelauthor

    I’m very grateful for sunshine after a long winter. I’m grateful for less back pain and a means to keep making it better. I’m grateful for the inspiration of thoughtful friends who stand up for what they believe in. I’m grateful for watching little people take swimming lessons and giggle the whole time. And lastly I’m grateful for the realization that worry about the past only hurts the future.

  • Lisa Orchard

    I’m grateful for my boys and hubby. They are my inspiration for everything. I’m also grateful winter is over and the sun is shining. I’m also grateful for my health. I went through a real scare a couple of years ago and I’m glad to say everything came out all right. I’m grateful for all my social media and blogger friends. You guys keep me going when I have tough days. I’m also thankful for all the writers in the writing community. I appreciate their support. 🙂