Sunday Blues

Feels like my body has given up on me. First thing on Wednesday morning I had a super emotional counselling session. This left me in floods of tears for a lot of the day. Then a super stressful day on Friday wearing painful shoes that have cut my feet. Yesterday I was exhausted, my whole body felt tired. After a busy morning shopping and getting soaked in the rain I spent a few hours in bed napping and reading. This morning I woke at 5:50am with a migraine, so spent the rest of the morning in pain and occasionally sleep. The pains gone down but I’ve been feeling strange all day.

So this is what I’ve been doing for most of the day…

We were supposed to be heading to the coast to do a 6 mile walk. It would have been a bit of last minute training for the 15 mile charity walk I’m doing next weekend. But my body messed that up. It feels broken and tired. I hope that today’s chill day will have worked wonders and tomorrow will be a new day. 

Let me know what you think

0 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

  • scribbleartie

    I’m only liking this to show support and hoping that you feel better after today. 🙂 Days like this can be a struggle to get through, but your body sounds like it needs the rest. Tomorrow is a new day, so I do hope you feel better. 🙂

  • beetleypete

    Sorry to hear about your bad days, Lauren. I guess that sometimes your body just takes over, when your brain has had enough of trying to cope. Hopefully, it will help to heal you.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  • Lulu

    Hi, Lauren. If I were there, I would give you a big hug and tell you that it is ok to give your body a rest when it is tired. Our bodies do so much for us and carry out a lot of pretty brutal demands that we place on them, like bearing us up for miles and miles of endless running around, and errands, and activities, and all sorts of things. A migraine definitely sounds like something that would leave anyone feeling broken, tired, and blue. You definitely deserve a day of rest. I hope that you are feeling better tomorrow after your relaxed Sunday. ❤️