A to Z Challenge | S for Sorry 4

Day 19 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is S for Sorry. How often do you say sorry? For me it can be a lot. Sorry I’m struggling today. Sorry I’m crying a lot. Sorry I’m finding everything hard today. Sorry. What are you apologising for? Everything, I thought I’d upset you, I’m sorry. Stop saying sorry. Sorry. The other day, I was wearing a very similar outfit to one of my colleagues and my instant reaction was to apologise to her for wearing the same clothes as her. Even though it wasn’t my fault, it was no-one’s fault and it […]

A to Z Challenge | O is for Open 4

Day 15 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is O for open.   I started this blog just over a year ago. Writing a blog was something that I had always wanted to do. I wanted to connect to others and I wanted to share my story. I just didn’t know yet what that story would be! When I started I hid behind my dog Milly calling my blog ‘Milly’s Guide to Happiness’ – not quite believing that I was good enough to write a blog or be called a blogger. I kept this blog quiet, I didn’t tell my friends what I was […]

A to Z Challenge | M is for Mindfulness 5

Day 13 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is M for Mindfulness. I was first introduced to mindfulness in 2011, by a counsellor I was seeing at the time. This is the same counsellor that persuaded me to try happy pills. At that time I wasn’t in the best place to consider mindfulness as a way of helping me with my anxiety and depression. It felt like it wasn’t enough to affect me, I felt like I needed something more. I was also pretty sick of talking to this counsellor. He seemed so puzzled as to why I was unhappy and seemed to have no […]