Making changes for a positive impact on your wellbeing 32

So I haven’t been feeling great recently. It’s something that I’ve briefly mentioned in my weekly gratitude posts #FridayFive. I feel ready to open up about it a bit more and let you know about the changes that I’m implementing in my life to help.   A few weeks ago I went to my Doctor. It was time for my appointment and my name flashed up on the screen. I left the waiting room and sat across from him. I cried. The poor man, I just cried and couldn’t get my words out. He was brilliant. Gave me a tissue, […]

A to Z of Mental Health at Millys Guide

A to Z of Mental Health 11

I recently took part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge where you write a blog post for each letter in the alphabet. My theme for this challenge was mental health. I really enjoyed the creativity of the challenge of finding different words and things to write about for each post. I wanted to pull them all together in an A to Z of Mental Health as a really good resource. Here you’ll find posts about my experience of mental health, things I try to do to help me be mentally well and some tips for you to look after […]

A to Z Challenge | T is for Tired 4

Day 20 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is T for tired.   I’ve already talked about how your energy can be affected by your mental health in the E post of the challenge. In this post I’m going to talk about how being tired can be a constant presence in our battle for good mental health. Tired: Not enough sleep Just lately I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m feeling quite anxious at the moment and this has been affecting my sleeping patterns. I can feel tired all day and then when I get into bed I suddenly feel wide awake. I will […]