Happy Birthday to Norwich MIND

Norwich MIND is 50 years old. Yesterday they hosted some birthday celebrations in the city centre at The Forum. I went along to see what was going on. And there was loads going on! Colouring, massage, salsa dancing, drumming, food, smoothies, face painting, lots of stands and an exhibition all about the 60 years of Norwich MIND. I went by myself and at one point felt a little overwhelmed and tearful. All the people there and all the different support groups and charities were there to help people with mental health difficulties. Like the fantastic Time to Change initiative but […]

I ❤️ Colouring Books 26

Colouring books for adults are everywhere. Aswell as being a massive craze, with thousands flying off the shelves, colouring books have also become a contentious issue. They have now been blamed for the infantilisation of women, being anti-feminist, a futile exercise for the money rich, time full, unstressed female and most definitely not art therapy, thankyou very much. All of this I find ridiculous and quite frankly offensive. It is belittling those people with genuine mental health difficulties. A lot of people obviously find that a little bit of colouring is a good way to block out some of the […]