Homemade bunting

I’ve recently made this fabric bunting to brighten up the window in my living room. I already had some blue and white dotty fabric and I bought some grey and white heart fabric to alternate with it. I loosely followed this tutorial. I enjoyed sewing with the colourful, patterned fabric especially as my recent sewing projects have been using plain grey fabric! This was a really nice, fairly quickly quick project and it makes me smile every time I look at it now!

Weekend Coffee Share 2/10/2016

Hello! Hello to you, hello to October and hello to Autumn! After my difficult week last week with a major anxiety blur I’ve been taking it easy this week. I’ve been able to stay fairly positive and calm this week. Autumn really feels like it’s hit Norfolk this week. I don’t really like the thought of winter being so close but Autumn is a lovely season. I’ve tried to embrace it with new mustard, woolly tights and boots seen in my super colourful outfit! This was the spur of a moment outfit and I was worried that the skirt and tights didn’t […]

I ❤️ Colouring Books 26

Colouring books for adults are everywhere. Aswell as being a massive craze, with thousands flying off the shelves, colouring books have also become a contentious issue. They have now been blamed for the infantilisation of women, being anti-feminist, a futile exercise for the money rich, time full, unstressed female and most definitely not art therapy, thankyou very much. All of this I find ridiculous and quite frankly offensive. It is belittling those people with genuine mental health difficulties. A lot of people obviously find that a little bit of colouring is a good way to block out some of the […]