A to Z of Mental Health 11

I recently took part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge where you write a blog post for each letter in the alphabet. My theme for this challenge was mental health. I really enjoyed the creativity of the challenge of finding different words and things to write about for each post. I wanted to pull them all together in an A to Z of Mental Health as a really good resource. Here you’ll find posts about my experience of mental health, things I try to do to help me be mentally well and some tips for you to look after […]

A to Z of Mental Health at Millys Guide

A to Z Challenge | T is for Tired 4

Day 20 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is T for tired.   I’ve already talked about how your energy can be affected by your mental health in the E post of the challenge. In this post I’m going to talk about how being tired can be a constant presence in our battle for good mental health. Tired: Not enough sleep Just lately I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m feeling quite anxious at the moment and this has been affecting my sleeping patterns. I can feel tired all day and then when I get into bed I suddenly feel wide awake. I will […]

A to Z Challenge | S for Sorry 4

Day 19 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is S for Sorry. How often do you say sorry? For me it can be a lot. Sorry I’m struggling today. Sorry I’m crying a lot. Sorry I’m finding everything hard today. Sorry. What are you apologising for? Everything, I thought I’d upset you, I’m sorry. Stop saying sorry. Sorry. The other day, I was wearing a very similar outfit to one of my colleagues and my instant reaction was to apologise to her for wearing the same clothes as her. Even though it wasn’t my fault, it was no-one’s fault and it […]