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Stuff that Sucks – mental health book review 4

‘Stuff that Sucks. Accepting what you can’t change and committing to what you can’ by Ben Sedley is a book is aimed at young people to try and help them understand feelings and emotions. I wish it had been published 15 years ago when I was a teenager as it really helps you get to grips with your mental health. With words like ‘stuff’, being told to imagine your life was a reality show and some quirky cartoons it’s definitely aimed at adolescents but I think that this book has some wise words and good practices for us all. The author of Stuff […]

Book review of the mental health book 'Stuff that Sucks' by Ben Sedley. Learn how to accept your emotional pain, this too shall pass.

What I learnt about mental health from the film Inside Out. Film Review on Millys Guide.

What I learnt about mental health from the film Inside Out 9

I love Disney Pixar films. My favourite film is Finding Nemo and luckily I thought the sequel Finding Dory was fantastic! I also really like Monsters Inc, so yes I’m definitely a fan of these films. A new favourite of mine is Inside Out. This film was really popular at the box office. It was well received critically and won several awards. The DVD was a birthday present from my sister and I’ve already watched it twice! I like the characters, the colours and the music. But what makes this film extra special is the topic and plot and its […]