A to Z Challenge | K is for Kindness 10

Day 11 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is K for Kindness.     What’s kindness got to do with mental health? Definitions of kindness focus on being kind to others – ‘the act of being friendly, generous and considerate’ (Oxford English Dictionary) and ‘kindness is a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and a concern for others’ (Wikipedia). But what about being kind to yourself? Are you a kind person to everyone else but yourself? Do you listen to what your body and mind need? Do you treat yourself with love and respect? Do you question the way that you’re feeling and […]

Kindness Challenge – Week 6

For a little while I’ve been thinking about what to do this week for the Kindness Challenge. There wasn’t anyone that sprung to mind when thinking about someone who inspires me to be kinder. I have kind people in my life, very kind friends and family, but I have never thought about them in this way. But inspiration struck when flicking through some magazines. There was an article with journalist Bryony Gordon discussing her OCD and depression and how she has used walking to help her. (Similar article from Huffington Post here). She has inspired me by being honest about […]

Kindness Challenge – Week 5 Grateful for kindness

Week 5 of the Kindness Challenge was all about being grateful for kindness. Taking the observation of kindness, reflecting on how it makes you feel and generally being happy and grateful for the kindness you’ve observed. I said that I would use my ‘One Line a Day’ diary to capture and reflect on the kindness I had experienced or witnessed that day. I thought I would share with you a few of my highlights. Monday – Super sunny day. At work I was doing some tough, annoying sewing. I said ‘If I was sensible I would be outside sewing, enjoying […]