Kindness Challenge – Be kind and do kind

So in my last blog post I said I would be combining weeks 3 and 4 of the kindness challenge. This has gone well for me this week. I did not alone the annoys person to get to me. Whenever they threatened too, I took a breath and reminded myself to be kind. The main challenge I set myself was to say hello to everyone when I walk Milly. I often speak to fellow dog walkers but have noticed that people without a dog aren’t so open to a friendly greeting.  For the first few days I didn’t go well – we […]

Kindness Challenge – Week 2 Observe Kindness

Week 2 of the Kindness Challenge didn’t go so well for me. I blogged about how I’ve been feeling this week here. But writing that post helped me break through the black cloud over my head and it also allowed me to observe some kindness. I want to say a big thankyou to BeetleyPete, ScribbleArtie and RecoverytoWellness for their kind words. To receive this kindness from complete strangers (who are now internet friends I hope) was a wonderful thing to receive and observe. It just shows how the Internet and our blogs can bring us together. In the same vein, I’ve […]

Kindness challenge

Over the next few weeks I am going to take part in The Richness of Simple Life’s blogging challenge The Kindness Challenge and this is my first post or ‘before‘ post. This will be my first ever blogging challenge – so why am I taking part in this one? I just really like the idea of celebrating and increasing kindness. I want to be kind to myself and kind to others. I want to be happy, make others happy and spread happiness and this kindness challenge seems like a great way to do that.  I recently spoke to Niki of the […]