Weekend Coffee Share 12/2/2017

If we were catching up over a drink (you can drink coffee, but I’ll be drinking Diet Coke!) I’d tell you about Milly and that she’s been to the vets this week. She’s had a poorly paw but the antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and salt water baths for her foot have been helping. I would tell you about my restful weekend, watching lots of Good Wife, watching rugby in the pub, going out for a curry and now blogging. We’ve had a little bit of snow here, it’s been grey and cold and definitely feels like a duvet weekend! I’ve got some […]

Sometimes self care is shutting out the world for self preservation

Shutting out the world 12

  I’ve been feeling low the last couple of days. It feels like the world is falling apart, its chaos. I don’t often seek out the news. Sometimes I feel bad about this and other times I know its right for me and right for my mental health. At the moment though I can’t help but know what’s going on. A couple of nights ago I got bogged down in different news articles being shared, watched a few videos from parliament and signed a petition. It left me feeling depressed, overwhelmed, confused and I’ve felt low ever since. Work is also stressful […]

News and Views

A few news stories and articles all about mental health…  How many of us say ‘I’m fine!‘ when asked how we are? Is this cultural trend the reason we don’t talk about mental health enough? This article implores us to be more honest and find someone we can open up to. This article is a really interesting read about how people access mental health services and their experiences. It’s inspired me to write my story, so watch this space. I love this lady, America Ferrera  who writes about battling a nasty inner voice. She says ‘I am whoever say I […]