Self care = rest 14

Today was the first Mental Health Mates walk that I have organised. And now I’m tired, so tired. I feel like I used so much energy today. I woke early with nerves and it takes so much to put yourself out there, organise something new, to volunteer your time and to try and make a difference alongside all the normal anxiety I have everyday. And because I’m super sensitive a few things about the walk are niggling at me. I’m not going to go over it here, going over and over it in my head is enough. I do feel […]

When you've given all you can to the world, take time for you and rest.

Lazy weekend

This morning I got to go upstairs and laze with my 2 humans in their bed. I love getting under the duvet and getting all comfy. They rolled me up in the duvet and it was great. I love a lazy weekend with my humans! P.S. Lauren says we are being kind to ourselves after another hectic and stressful week and resting up before another one 😀