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Making changes for a positive impact on your wellbeing 32

So I haven’t been feeling great recently. It’s something that I’ve briefly mentioned in my weekly gratitude posts #FridayFive. I feel ready to open up about it a bit more and let you know about the changes that I’m implementing in my life to help.   A few weeks ago I went to my Doctor. It was time for my appointment and my name flashed up on the screen. I left the waiting room and sat across from him. I cried. The poor man, I just cried and couldn’t get my words out. He was brilliant. Gave me a tissue, […]

A to Z Blogging Challenge | R for Routine 8

Day 18 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is R for Routine. Milly, my Labrador, loves her routines. We get up in the morning, she goes outside, we shake both paws before breakfast, then she goes outside again. When I pop home from work at lunchtime, she goes outside then gets a treat. She then gets back in to bed and looks at me as if to say well go on then, go back to work I’ve got some sleeping to do! Routine can give you some structure to your day. When I get home from work, Josh and I […]

A to Z Challenge | C is for Comfort 12

Day 3 of the A to Z Challenge, my theme is mental health.     C is for… Comfort What makes you feel better when you’re feeling low? What makes you feel relaxed at the end of a long day? What do you reach for to make yourself more comfortable? When you struggle with your mental health and you can’t find comfort in your own mind it’s even more important to find some physical comfort. Often I reach for chocolate, cookies and ice cream. Many reach for alcohol and cigarettes. But I’ve been seeking out some more natural ways to bring […]

C is for comfort, day 3 of the A to Z blogging challenge April 2017 Milly's Guide