Weekend Coffee Share 12/2/2017

If we were catching up over a drink (you can drink coffee, but I’ll be drinking Diet Coke!) I’d tell you about Milly and that she’s been to the vets this week. She’s had a poorly paw but the antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and salt water baths for her foot have been helping. I would tell you about my restful weekend, watching lots of Good Wife, watching rugby in the pub, going out for a curry and now blogging. We’ve had a little bit of snow here, it’s been grey and cold and definitely feels like a duvet weekend! I’ve got some […]

Weekend Coffee Share 2/10/2016

Hello! Hello to you, hello to October and hello to Autumn! After my difficult week last week with a major anxiety blur I’ve been taking it easy this week. I’ve been able to stay fairly positive and calm this week. Autumn really feels like it’s hit Norfolk this week. I don’t really like the thought of winter being so close but Autumn is a lovely season. I’ve tried to embrace it with new mustard, woolly tights and boots seen in my super colourful outfit! This was the spur of a moment outfit and I was worried that the skirt and tights didn’t […]