Got that Friday feeling!

It’s Friday! I love the weekend as my humans are home. They’ve only been home from work a couple of hours and already have been for a walk, played and had lots of cuddles! And apparently I get all week with them as they are on leave from work and we’re going ‘glamping’ whatever that is. I hope it’s like camping as I loved it last year!

#WeekendCoffeeShare 29/4/2016

Hello, How are you? Looking back over this week, I am good. I’m feeling happy and pleased that this week has been good and that this weekend will be a nice one. It was another very busy week at work. But it was all good things to be working on and felt productive. I was asking part in another workweek hustle and won it this time with 69,271 steps walked over the 5 days and every day I hit my target of 10,000 steps. Very pleased and proud of myself. Also very proud of myself for the whole of the […]