Sunday Blues

Feels like my body has given up on me. First thing on Wednesday morning I had a super emotional counselling session. This left me in floods of tears for a lot of the day. Then a super stressful day on Friday wearing painful shoes that have cut my feet. Yesterday I was exhausted, my whole body felt tired. After a busy morning shopping and getting soaked in the rain I spent a few hours in bed napping and reading. This morning I woke at 5:50am with a migraine, so spent the rest of the morning in pain and occasionally sleep. […]

I ❤️ Colouring Books 24

Colouring books for adults are everywhere. Aswell as being a massive craze, with thousands flying off the shelves, colouring books have also become a contentious issue. They have now been blamed for the infantilisation of women, being anti-feminist, a futile exercise for the money rich, time full, unstressed female and most definitely not art therapy, thankyou very much. All of this I find ridiculous and quite frankly offensive. It is belittling those people with genuine mental health difficulties. A lot of people obviously find that a little bit of colouring is a good way to block out some of the […]

Self care box – My Happy Box

Have you heard of self care boxes? I call mine my happy box. It’s literally a cardboard box full of little things to help me feel happy, to help clear my mind and distract me from any negative thoughts. The box My box is a shoe box. It’s quite a large square box which is great for putting lots of things in it. I have stuck scraps of white paper over it as a base and the stuck happy pictures on it, healthy prompts and quotes from magazines. There’s also a few handwritten quotes on it aswell. They are on […]