Anxiety Blur

So for the last 10 days I’ve been in a hit of an anxiety blur. A blur is what it feels like. Yesterday I found this brilliant description of what depression feels like on the finethanksyou blog. It really spoke to me and how I’ve been feeling. I didn’t feel quite whole. I felt sick in my stomach. I felt cold and exhausted. Cold inside my body, inside my bones. And exhausted, not tired or sleepy just completely and utterly exhausted. I wanted to be on my own. I couldn’t make conversation. Couldn’t pretend to be happy. Didn’t feel like […]

Feet trek for mental health

I’m heading to London this evening all ready for a very long and tiring walk on Saturday. I will be taking part in the London Thames Bridges Charity Challenge. I’ll be walking 23km, roughly 15 miles along the Thames crossing 16 bridges as we go. I’m meeting up with a couple of people that I met when I trekked the Great Wall of China. Then I was raising money for the British Heart Foundation, this time I’m raising money for Mind, the mental health charity. Why Mind? Well I have depression. (Wow it’s taken me a long time to realise […]

Sunday Blues

Feels like my body has given up on me. First thing on Wednesday morning I had a super emotional counselling session. This left me in floods of tears for a lot of the day. Then a super stressful day on Friday wearing painful shoes that have cut my feet. Yesterday I was exhausted, my whole body felt tired. After a busy morning shopping and getting soaked in the rain I spent a few hours in bed napping and reading. This morning I woke at 5:50am with a migraine, so spent the rest of the morning in pain and occasionally sleep. […]