Weekend Coffee Share 18/9/2016

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about my week. A lot of it has been spent recovering from the Thames Bridges Trek. My foot had been hurting during the last 5km of the trek and I’d been resting it. Well it seemed to be getting worse not better – I borrowed a wheelchair at work to help me get around (They are super hard to steer – I hav even more respect for people who use them regularly) So I went to the doctors who told me I had damaged some ligaments in my foot and possibly some nerves as my foot was tingling.

So I was very good and listened. I spent the next day and a half with my leg propped up, lots of rest and ice. I’m not a very good patient as I get bored and restless. Milly was loving it though! My foot did get a lot better very quickly actually. I need to be a bit careful I don’t do too much to soon as it twinges occasionally and then it’s a great excuse to sit on the sofa again for a while!

I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly this week – more than usual. I caught up with a friend from university who was in Norfolk on holiday. Lots of chatter, giggling and catching up over pasta and chocolate cake!

Then Thursday was the wedding day of some of my bestest friends. It was a beautiful, very very hot day. It was a wonderful relaxed day with some yummy food, fun photo props to play with and the chance to catch up with some wonderful friends.

Yesterday we headed into Norwich for lunch and drinks with my partners parents and my sister. It was nice to see them all. My sister and I headed to Norwich Castle for a look round a craft fair and I also visited Country and Eastern, a oriental museum and shop to look at  beautiful furniture and textiles.

My lovely sister gave me these Blurt Foundation 365 days of self care post it notes. I’m really looking forward to using these and actively thinking about my self care. How are you? What have you been up to?

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