Weekend Coffee Share 2/10/2016

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Hello! Hello to you, hello to October and hello to Autumn!

After my difficult week last week with a major anxiety blur I’ve been taking it easy this week. I’ve been able to stay fairly positive and calm this week. Autumn really feels like it’s hit Norfolk this week. I don’t really like the thought of winter being so close but Autumn is a lovely season. I’ve tried to embrace it with new mustard, woolly tights and boots seen in my super colourful outfit! This was the spur of a moment outfit and I was worried that the skirt and tights didn’t go – it’s not what I would normally put together but I loved it and felt happy all day! Want to bring more colour into my outfits from now on to help me feel more confident and smile all day 😀 (Also I really want there to be a rainbow emoji, why isn’t there?!)

On Friday I went to a Pilates and meditation relaxation session. This was run by my usual Pilates instructor plus another lady for the meditation bit. I haven’t been to Pilates class for a while so it was great to have a gentle, back to basics class. I’m not great with meditation. I was laying there and couldn’t get comfortable, my back felt sore so in the end I put my knees up. People started snoring! It was really distracting and annoying. But I did feel fairly chilled afterwards & fell asleep on the sofa that evening!


We’ve been having a chilled weekend. Although I did get quite down and sad yesterday but I am doing a lot better today. Lots of cuddles with Milly and some craft. Over on Instagram I’m taking part in #CraftyOct you can find lots of crafty photos and Milly photos @laureneph. How are you?



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0 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 2/10/2016

  • beetleypete

    The change in the weather is certainly noticeable this weekend, Lauren. despite the sun today, it is beginning to feel much chillier at night.
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your crafting, and time with Milly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  • Lulu

    Love your colorful autumn outfit! I love autumn! I think it is my favorite season, and I wish that it didn’t come and go so quickly. Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. Hope the weather is beautiful where you are so that you can enjoy some of this wonderful season!