Why you need to read ‘How to be Champion’ by Sarah Millican 15

I have recently read the new bookย How to be Champion by Sarah Millican. It’s an autobiography, so not a usual book that I would review for my blog. But I believe that there are many reasons why you should read this book! It is a positive, inspiring book which is very good for your mental health.

Why you need to read Sarah Millican's book 'How to be Champion.'

  1. There are ‘How to be Champion’ tips at the end of each chapter which are inspiring, amusing and relevant to each stage in Sarah’s life and to yours! ‘Be yourself or else you’ll have to keep up the pretence for ever. Unless you’re an actor, then do the opposite.’ ‘If something doesn’t exist and you think it should, and you think you can, try.’
  2. Sarah mentions counselling a lot. I love that she is so open about going to see a counsellor. She really advocates the importance of being open, of talking and sharing.
  3. She is very open about her anxiety. It is great to know that someone in the public eye, gets up on stage and appears on tv is just like any of us and gets anxious. She makes it normal to talk about your mental health.
  4. This book will make you laugh out loud!
  5. Chance to get your hygge on and curl up with this excellent book. It is the perfect opportunity to get under a blanket, get lost in Sarah’s world and have a giggle.
  6. This is a really empowering book – the overarching message is to be yourself and to love yourself.
  7. The book includes a cake recipe! Who doesn’t love cake?! I do and Sarah’s recipe is pretty yummy. I love the idea of rounding off every book with a cake recipe!

This is a really fun, interesting and good read. It’s light hearted but has some serious messages which are well worth taking on board. I would lend you my copy but I’m already reading it for the second time so you’ll have to buy your own!

How to be Championย is now out in paperback. But if you can’t wait for delivery you can also download an e-book copy. Let me know if you enjoy this book!


Why not check Sarah in action? Here are her four DVDs: I own two of them (Sarah Millican Chatterbox Live and Sarah Millican – Thoroughly Modern Millican Live) which definitely make me laugh out loud!

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