10. Go on a European City Break 13

It’s been a while since I updated you on the progress I’ve been making on my 30 before 30 list. Well I have now done number 10 – go on a European City Break – twice!

Last year in January I went to Rome and enjoyed four days of pizza, pasta, sunshine, history and lots of museums!


This year I have just got back from Amsterdam. It was much, much colder but I still had a great few days exploring the city and visiting lots of museums including Anne Frank House, Maritime Museum and the Rijksmuseum.


I’ve still got a bit of travelling to do in the next few years and quite a few items on my 30 before 30 list to complete. Have you ever been to Rome and Amsterdam? Are there any other cities you would recommend?

Let me know what you think

13 thoughts on “10. Go on a European City Break

  • beetleypete

    I have been to both of those. Rome was a 50th birthday treat, in 2002. I thought it was a wonderful place for a short break, but could have stayed much longer too!

    Other towns and cities I have visited that I would recommend are;
    Barcelona (One of my favourite cities)
    Prague (There are photo posts on my blog about Prague)
    Bruges (Not unlike Amsterdam)
    Ghent (Like a smaller version of Bruges)
    Paris (If you have never been)
    Longer flights, but still fabulous.
    Leningrad (Now called St Petersburg again, and better than you might imagine)
    Moscow (If you ever go to Moscow, you must look at the underground train stations.)

    There are great places to visit in the UK too, which you may have been to. If not;

    On my list still to visit one day (hopefully);
    And quite a few more that I doubt I will get to!

    Best wishes, Pete.

      • Nina

        I’ve watched it twice or thrice and also cried as much! Lol! And when I read the book, I cried even more! You should read it…there are some stuffs on the book that’s not on the film. ☺

  • Lulu

    Those cities are both on my list, too! I love your pictures. It looks like you had so much fun! I think I will try for Rome after my Paris trip (assuming all goes well in Paris – fingers crossed!) There’s a bucketload of places I still want to go, but lately I’ve also been thinking about visiting Poland. My former pastor went couple years ago and had a great time, and he came back full of stories of how wonderful it was. He left me wanting to see it for myself.

    Glad you had a wonderful trip! I hope that everything is happy, comfortable, and relaxing as you settle back into home. I love getting away as often as I can, but I also love the part when I come back. 😊