14 ways to be Creative

I’ve always enjoyed making things. Even if I’m not that good at it. I’m not always pleased with what I create or how it looks.But often have a sense of pride and achievement. I’ve realised that spending some time being creative is really good for my mental health. And actually there is scientific evidence that being creative and making something is really good for you.

14 ways to be creative and why it's good for you!

  1. Take some photos. You don’t need a fancy camera. Go for a walk with your phone and snap away. Or take photos in your garden or of your pets. Milly my dog sometimes gets fed up of being my model!
  2. Arrange some flowers. Buy a bunch of flowers and arrange them in a vase. You can often buy small bunches of flowers. Why not buy several and mix and match a nice bunch? You could tie them up with a ribbon and give them to someone as a present?
  3. Gardening. Get out in your garden. Plant some seeds, create a veg patch or herb garden. Plant some bulbs and create a beautiful flower bed. Plant some sunflower seeds and see how tall they grow. Good news is you’ll also be getting some fresh air, some exercise and Vitamin D if the sun is out! Don’t have a garden? Grow some herbs in pots on your balcony or window sill. Get some house plants. Create nature inside or out.
  4. Bake a cake, some cookies, bread or a pie. Make lots of mess, eat some yummy food and maybe find someone else to do the washing up!
  5. Not a baker? Cook something. Try a new recipe or create a colourful fruit salad.
  6. Paint your nails. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. I normally go for bright colours to cheer me up! Check out the internet or Pinterest for some nail art ideas.
  7. Learn something new. Join a class and learn a new skill. You’ll meet some new people and you might make new friends.
  8. Get colouring. Adult colouring books are all the rage right now. They are everywhere. I’ve seen nature ones, geometric patterns and even Harry Potter! I love colouring. It just seems to clear my mind. I often do it while I’m watching a film or Netflix.
  9. Dance! Stick on some music and create a dance routine. Doesn’t matter what you like like or if you remember what steps you do. Just boogie!
  10. Write something. Write a poem, write a story, write a blog post, write in your diary. Just write and get it down on paper, or type it into your laptop or tap it into your tablet.
  11. Doodle if you like colouring give doodling a go. Just pick up a pen and draw something. Flowers, squiggles, arrows or a cartoon character.
  12. Decoupage. Have you ever decoupaged something? I kind of think of it like paper mache! I find it really relaxing and you can create something really fun and beautiful at the end. I’ve done it to a vase, a cardboard box and a embroidery hoop.
  13. DIY whether that’s painting some furniture, putting up some pictures or shelves you’re creating something for your home.
  14. Crafty Do you already have a crafty hobby? Or why not learn a new one? You can often find clubs or classes where people are willing to share their skills. How about knitting, crochet, cross stitch, sewing, spinning, weaving, jewellery making? Other crafty suggestions welcome in the comments!

I have lots of pinterest boards full of crafty things, DIY and home stuff, jewellery and clothes to make and buttons (I absolutely love to make things with buttons!) I’ll also be posting some of my creations on here so look out for future crafty posts.

I’d love to hear from you – what creative things do you do?

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  • Amy

    Nice list. Great post, Lauren! I take picture when I take my weekend trial walk and when I travel. I’m working on my weekend coffee share, it will be up tomorrow. 🙂

  • Life Mutated

    As I spread my wings and fly, and search the endless sky,
    My spirit can’t help but soar, at the visions I cannot ignore.
    Painted in my mind, a million worlds to find, to seek and to explore.

    As I close my eyes and sing, and hear it’s echo ring,
    My heart begins to roar, it’s rhythmic beats begging for more.
    Playing in my mind, a million songs to find, never heard before.

    As I speak the words in my mind, painting pictures to the blind,
    My soul sheds a light, on the words it’s begging to write.
    Penned in my mind, a million words to find, emotions to ignite.

    Author, Musician, Poet and More, all these things is what lie in store,
    Many have come and gone before, all you need do, is open that door.
    Practice your craft and hone your skills, a gift to others whom you adore.

    ~ @ ~

    Thanks for the inspiration <3

  • forgivingjournal

    I love this! Thank you, really great ideas. Most of the ones I was going to mention, you’ve already listed. 🙂 One that I’ll add is I’m in process with designing a workshop around forgiving. That feels really crafty and creative, even if it’s a bit untraditional. Blessings. (to both Molly and Lauren)

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou – yes do check out decoupage – it’s really fun and creative. I kind of zone out while I do it! I should find something else to decoupage soon actually….