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Have you ever tried pilates? We all know that exercise is good for you for many, many reasons. As well as walking I find that doing some pilates is really good for my mental health. Developer Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health were extrinsically linked. He developed this exercise believing that it was good for your physical as well as mental health. But I think somewhere along the line we’ve lost that. I started going to pilates classes on the advice of my doctor for sciatica. And while it was good for my back I found it was also good for my mental wellbeing.

Here’s 6 reasons why pilates is good for your mental health:

  1. Exercise is good for you because it releases those happy inducing endorphins. These are even released during low intensity exercises like pilates.
  2. Time practicing pilates is time just for you. You, your body and your breathing. It is the perfect opportunity to take some time away from your busy, stressful life.
  3. For me I can’t think about anything else while I’m holding a pose. I’m concentrating on my breathing or where my foot is supposed to be that I can’t think about what I’ve got to do later or what happened earlier. I really find that pilates is a form of meditation and mindfulness.
  4. Physically pilates can release muscle tension that has built up from stress, anxiety and depression. Tight and tense shoulders and an aching body can be caused by the way that you are feeling and if these aches and pains continue it can bring you down. A pilates class helps you to stretch and relax muscles, leaving you feeling better and probably sleeping better!
  5. The way that you breathe is very important in pilates. Movement of your body is linked to your breath. Practicing this breathing technique is good for relaxation and for easing anxiety.
  6. Having a regular routine of self care activities can be very beneficial to your mental health. Fitting pilates regularly into your life – whether that’s daily, weekly or every couple of days – this regular practice leads to a routine which is good for your mental health.

How does pilates help you to manage your mental health? Six reasons why pilates is good for stress, anxiety and depression.

Have you ever tried pilates? Have you been to a class, used videos or a book with different poses?

Heading to a class can be harder than fitting in a quick walk round the block – or if you’re like me you have a dog who demands a daily walk! When I’m struggling with anxiety and depression it can be hard to get out of bed and I know it’s really bad when I don’t want to face people. However, Louise at Studio 44 Pilates has come up with the perfect solution – 10 minute pilates videos online! When I heard about these online videos I thought they were a great idea. They are simple to follow with exercises for beginners to experts and easy to fit in your life.

I was given free access to the 10 minute online videos from studio44pilates.com in exchange for a mention in this blogpost.

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