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A to Z blogging challenge

Yesterday I learnt about the A to Z blogging challenge. This takes place every April where you are challenged to write 26 posts based on the letters of the alphabet. Many people choose a theme and so I have chosen the theme of mental health.

A is for… Anxiety

Anxiety is horrible. It’s the constant feeling of unease, of fear, of dread, of worry.

Sometimes you know why you feel anxious. You have a test, a family event, a big presentation at work. However the anxiety is short lived and it will go when the event is over.

Sometimes you don’t know what’s wrong. All you know is that you don’t feel right. You can’t sleep or you sleep too much. You’re tired, you have a headache or a funny feeling in your stomach. Inside you have a feeling of dread, something bad is going to happen. But you don’t know what and you don’t know when.

Anxiety can make you constantly on edge and you’re always trying to find the reason why you don’t feel right. You start thinking about the past, present and future. Sometimes you start worrying about the people in your life. ‘Do they really like me?’ ‘I haven’t heard from him for a while.’ ‘Did I do something wrong?’ ‘They don’t really love me, they’ve just been humouring me all these years.’ ‘Did that person laugh at me?’

You feel like a horrible person. The worst thing is that anxiety can increase that feeling. It can cause you to be irritable, grumpy and uncommunicative. You can be worried and awkward in social situations and that’s if you make it out the door in the first place!

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