Take it all on Board book review 12

Take it all on Board I have recently read Take It All On Board: 8 Steps To Mastering The Slope & Life With Confidence¬†which is an inspiring story of self discovery by Kate Mackay, a female snowboarder. In the book we learn how Kate took up the sport as an older woman in a young man’s sport. Yes, there is a focus on snowboarding but I can easily see how you can apply elements from this book to any hobby, skill or personal attribute that you want to learn, improve or work on. Right from the introduction I loved Kate. […]

My visit to the Museum of Happiness. Review on Milly's Guide.

My visit to Museum of Happiness 11

Museum of Happiness The Museum of Happiness is a not-for-profit organisation designed to teach everyone about happiness and wellbeing. It is based in Arlington House. Arlington House is a homeless hostel designed to help people get jobs and move to stable housing. It also features a conference centre, a creative space and the Museum of Happiness! The Museum has four values: kindness, community, creativity and mindfulness. This weekend I visited the Museum’s ‘Winter Happiness Festival’. Running for two weeks this event is designed to be a playful exploration of happiness. Happiness Ball Pool First up was diving straight into the […]

Why you need to read ‘How to be Champion’ by Sarah Millican 15

I have recently read the new book¬†How to be Champion by Sarah Millican. It’s an autobiography, so not a usual book that I would review for my blog. But I believe that there are many reasons why you should read this book! It is a positive, inspiring book which is very good for your mental health. There are ‘How to be Champion’ tips at the end of each chapter which are inspiring, amusing and relevant to each stage in Sarah’s life and to yours! ‘Be yourself or else you’ll have to keep up the pretence for ever. Unless you’re an […]

Why you need to read Sarah Millican's book 'How to be Champion.'