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A new trailer for the Dark TV Series unacceptably exploits suicide – Trigger Warning

So I’d woken up quite early this morning and was still in bed idly scrolling through facebook. I saw a trailer for a new Netflix series which is coming soon. Now, I love Netflix. I watch more Netflix than normal television. I have lots of tv series which I’m watching – Designated Survivor, Suits, Jane the Virgin to name just a few!

Dark TV Series

But I wasn’t happy about seeing a trailer for the new tv series Dark this morning. It features a man leaving a suicide note and then standing up and putting his head inside a noose.

I believe that this is an unacceptable portrayal of suicide and mental health to advertise a new tv show. If the Dark tv series features a suicide, fair enough but to use it to advertise the show is not right. It is not right to show it without a trigger warning – a statement at the start of the video or even in the comment or viewer to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material.

What do you think?

I commented on the facebook post ‘I feel like this should have come with a trigger warning’ and have had a few likes from fellow viewers but no response from Netflix.

Let me know what you think

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