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Yesterday I took part in the Thames Bridges Trek. 23km and 16 bridges along the Thames to raise funds for a Mind – the mental health charity.

One of the hardest bits of the trek was between 7 and 9km. This was when we left the side of the river and walked around battersea park – not through it – but in the pavement all the way round it! It seemed to go on forever… I just had to keep going, one foot in front of the other. I had a cereal bar, drank water and had a humbug to boost my energy levels. Once we got back to the river I felt a lot better! Soon, it was the midway stop with snacks! Then the scenery started to get a lot more familiar!

I loved the architecture of the golden jubilee bridges (picture above bottom left) but these two pedestrian bridges are either side of a train track and our route took us along one bridge and then just a few metres until we were straight away climbing back up on the bridge to head back to the other side of the river! By this time my feet and legs were getting rather heavy and tired, so the many steps up and down the bridges were not appreciated!

First glimpse at Tower Bridge – the last bridge! It had been really cloudy, drizzly and rainy all day and in this photo you can see the Shard disappearing into the clouds. It was around this time that we saw a police boat with sirens and flashy blue lights racing along the river – rather exciting!

Tower Bridge is getting closer!

View from the bridge!

After the bridge we still had 2.5km to go! It felt like a long way to the finish line! Nice to look back on views like the one above though.

This was me after the event thankfully sitting down and nursing a poorly foot. It still hurts today, I think I’ve sprained something. I’ll giv it a few days and then head to the doctors if it hasn’t got any better. I’m delighted to have raised lots of money for Mind. When I’ve collected it all I think it will be over £300 which I’m very proud of.

This was my final Fitbit step count by the end of the day on the train home – think that’s enough steps as its four times my daily target! I’m not even bothering to wear my Fitbit today as I’m hobbling so much and barely walking that it would probably be less than 1000 steps. Great experience, great cause and great trek.

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