Feet trek for mental health

I’m heading to London this evening all ready for a very long and tiring walk on Saturday. I will be taking part in the London Thames Bridges Charity Challenge. I’ll be walking 23km, roughly 15 miles along the Thames crossing 16 bridges as we go. I’m meeting up with a couple of people that I met when I trekked the Great Wall of China. Then I was raising money for the British Heart Foundation, this time I’m raising money for Mind, the mental health charity.

Why Mind?

  1. Well I have depression. (Wow it’s taken me a long time to realise that and an even longer time to say it).
  2. In Norfolk, Mind have teamed up with the NHS to run the wellbeing service and it’s through this service that I have been to CBT group seminars and I’m now seeing a counsellor. All over the country, local Mind groups provide counselling, advice lines and drop in centres.
  3. Because Mental Health stigma still exists and there is always more campaigning and awareness raising to do.
  4. Because their website is a fantastic resource for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties.
  5. Because they sent me this wonderful card to wish me luck!


I am so very grateful to all of my wonderful friends and family who have sponsored me, I’m very happy that I’ve raised so much money for this fantastic charity. You can take a look and sponsor me here.

Top tip: wear your charity t-shirt to work to subtly encourage your colleagues to sponsor you!

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