#FridayFive – 25th August 3

A speedy #FridayFive from me as it’s late and I have a stonking headache!

Here’s the five things that I’m grateful for this week:

  1. It was my birthday last week. I’m grateful for a nice time with my family, my lovely cards and presents – many were sewing themed!
  2. I’m grateful for a lovely weekend spent with Josh. We’re spending quite a lot of time apart at the moment because of his new job and we’re about to move house. Me and Milly are both grateful when we see him at the weekends!
  3. I’m grateful that my anxiety of last week has subsided.
  4. I’m grateful to get some sun today. It was really nice to kick off my sandals and eat lunch outside today.
  5. I’m grateful for your lovely, supportive comments on my latest blog post, an update on my 30 before 30 list.

What are you grateful for this week?

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