#FridayFive practising gratitude 3

Gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are five things that I’m grateful for. Join in! What are you grateful for?

  1. I am grateful for my day off work on Monday. It’s been nice to have a four day week. I had a nice, relaxing day at home designing this new blog!
  2. I also had an opticians appointment on Monday and I am grateful that my eyes are good and I don’t need glasses. I’m also super grateful for the kindness of the optician and other staff in the shop who were so understanding when I felt unwell and needed to step outside for some fresh air.
  3. I’m really grateful that I have met my new friend Steph. She seems like a really lovely lady who already I have really opened up to.
  4. I’m grateful for my super, shiny, holographic nails which make me smile when I look at them!
  5. I am grateful for my blogging friends and this blogging community. I am so pleased that I was able to jetpack all of my wordpress followers over and hope that you will carry on this blogging journey with me.

Millys Guide Friday Five

Join in! What are you grateful for?

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