#FridayFive – week four

Gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are five things that I’m grateful for. Join in! What are you grateful for?_________________

1. I am very grateful that I could wear slippers to work today. Not that anyone commented, I need to get some jazzier slippers and then see what happens!

2. As ever, I’m very grateful for Milly. I missed her a lot when we were in Amsterdam and the 18 hours that we were back home but without her! She’s given me some great cuddles this week and a lot to giggle at too!

3. I’m grateful for my work colleague, who’s really a friend, who sawed some wood for me today. I’m using it for a craft project it took him seconds but it was taking me ages with my blunt saw!

4. I’m grateful that I’ve worked out what I need to do when I’m in a funk and depression cycle like this week. Unplugging from the news, exercise, reading and watching one of my favourite films has got me through!

5. I’m grateful for my blogging friends, who are always there to read my writing and offer me some kind words.


I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for. I found it really difficult this week, but it was great to think hard about it and write 5 things down to be grateful for, positive and therefore happy about. Would any of you be interested in writing your own #FridayFive blog post? I’m thinking about starting a link up and our own gratitude community! Let me know in the comment section x

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  • beetleypete

    Quite a bit this week actually, Lauren.

    1) Grateful for the life of a wonderful friend whose funeral I attended on Tuesday.
    2) Grateful for not being killed in a car crash, after getting a high-speed puncture when returning from that funeral.
    3) Grateful for having been sensible enough to subscribe to a breakdown service so that I wasn’t stuck on the A11 for too long, in torrential rain.
    4) Grateful that an ultrasound scan on Friday showed that I do not have an aortic aneurysm.
    5) Grateful for the blogging community that stuck with me for the period when I wasn’t in the mood to write anything.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  • scribbleartie

    I love this, and its something I really ought to take time out for as well, as I don’t do it all that frequently. I’m grateful for so much that it would require a blog post all of it own, but I’ll settle for being grateful for friends (online and real life), family, and the ability to create silly art pieces. Oh and the dog too – always happy to see her waggy tail and goofy expressions 😀 Best wishes for the coming week and beyond. 🙂

    • LaurenEph Post author

      I’ve only been doing it for four months but it is nice to think about what I’m grateful for. Hoping it will result in positivity and happiness 😀 I’m hoping to turn it into a blog post link up a bit like the Weekend Coffee Share so it would be great if you did do your own post – would you like to take part in that? X

  • Lulu

    So glad to hear that you worked out the funk and are feeling better! Love your gratitudes, as always. Thanks for the reminder to stop and to find my own gratitude. This week, I am grateful for…
    1) …the weekend, because I really need to catch up on my sleep! When my sleep is better, then everything else is better, too.
    2) …my friends. Though they are far away, we are still able to keep in touch with phone calls and cards. Sometimes, I am not the best at returning phone calls or text messages, but they don’t give up on me!
    3) …books! I spent a lot of time reading this past week, and it occurred to me that language and literacy is a gift.
    4) …my mother. Our relationship Is not always easy. At times, I struggle to forgive her for the verbally and emotionally abusive way that I was raised, but I also love her and know that she loves me, and that she always tried to do her best by me. I am grateful that despite all that happened in the past, we can still continue to forgive each other and remain close.
    5) …my sister-in-law. She is really amazing! My brother gave our family a gift when he married her!

    P.S. I loved the article about slippers in the classroom! The other day, I had foot x-rays done as part of a routine health appointment (not because I’m having any trouble with my feet, but just because I had trouble in the past), and the radiologist commented on an incidental “very minimal/mild” bunion on my left foot. I had no idea that I was starting to develop a bunion, but I thought, “Well, this is even more reason to forget about narrow high-heels and what other people think and to pamper my feet with supportive, comfortable shoes!” I’m glad that the x-ray found the bunion so early, before I even noticed it, and I am really grateful to you for sharing this article!

    Wishing you a healthy, joyful, peaceful, balanced week ahead! And lots of self-compassion if the balance thing happens to tip a bit too much in one direction. It happens to us all! ☺️