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Gratitude: A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

How does being grateful make you happier?

Being grateful and appreciating all of the things in your life from small to big is scientifically proven to make you a more positive person and generally happier.

Don’t just take my word for it, there have been so many studies and articles on why gratitude is good for you!

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How can you practice gratitude?

Okay, so gratitude is good. It is scientifically proven and everything. But how can you get the benefits from it? The best way to instil gratitude into your life is to turn it into a habit. Turn thinking about what you’re grateful in to something you do regularly.

  • Morning gratitude practice. Before you get out of bed can you think of some things that you are grateful to have in your life? Are you grateful for your warm and comfy bed? Are you grateful for the partner sleeping next to you? Are you grateful for the roof over your head? Are you grateful that you have a job to go to?
  • Evening gratitude practice. At the end of the day ask yourself what are you grateful for today? Are you grateful that the sun shone? Are you grateful that a fellow car driver let you out at the crossroads? Are you grateful for the yummy and nourishing food that you ate?
  • Weekly gratitude practice. I practice gratitude weekly and share it with you all through my #FridayFive blog posts. For me, I like the accountability of ‘having’ to write the post and share it. When I’ve had blogging breaks I have missed not doing it. Thinking of five things to be grateful for each week doesn’t seem like too big a commitment and is doable.
  • Community. I have built a grateful community by sharing my gratitude with everyone on this blog. I love to read everyone’s comments and it makes me happy to know that so many people have lovely things to be grateful for. Can you write your own blog post? Can you find a gratitude partner? Can you share what you’re grateful for with your partner or txt a friend?
  • Turn a negative in to a positive. Sometimes it can be hard to find the things that you are grateful for. For my blogposts I try and make it specific for that week and not just the same thing… being safe, warm, having food to eat… although Milly often appears! I think that gratitude works best when you can reflect on a negative experience and find something to be grateful for. In the past I have been able to look at a bad experience of needing to phone NHS 111 in to being grateful for the people who work there.

 How to practice gratitude for a happier life. Turn being grateful into a regular practice for a happier life and better mental health.


What next?

  • Comment to let me know if you practice gratitude in your life and how – or if reading this has inspired you to start!
  • Find a way to practice gratitude in your life.
  • Take a look at my #FridayFive series and see what I have been grateful for each week.
  • Join in with the #FridayFive posts – comment and share what you’re grateful for.
  • Share this post to encourage your friends and family to be grateful!

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