Kindness Challenge – Be kind and do kind

So in my last blog post I said I would be combining weeks 3 and 4 of the kindness challenge. This has gone well for me this week. I did not alone the annoys person to get to me. Whenever they threatened too, I took a breath and reminded myself to be kind.

The main challenge I set myself was to say hello to everyone when I walk Milly. I often speak to fellow dog walkers but have noticed that people without a dog aren’t so open to a friendly greeting. 

For the first few days I didn’t go well – we went for several walks without seeing a fellow walker! Then one walk, one man had headphones and another on the other side of the road just refused to even look in our direction so I would have felt like an idiot calling over hello! My partner went away for a few days and when he came back we took Milly for a walk. I was really excited and happy that he was back that we were chatting away and I completely forgot about everyone else that went past!

This morning we saw lots of mums walking their children to school. I often try to smile at them with limited response. But this morning I send hello to every single one of them. They all replied hello. I think they were surprised and weren’t expecting it. I hope that it brightened their morning slightly, which I imagine could be quite stressed trying to get children to school on time. It made me feel quite cheerful and a bit giggly that was doing something a little bit silly and unexpected.

So to week 5. I keep a sentence per day diary which I always try to write positive and happy things in. This week I’ll be trying to observe and write kind things in it.

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