Kindness Challenge – Week 5 Grateful for kindness

Week 5 of the Kindness Challenge was all about being grateful for kindness. Taking the observation of kindness, reflecting on how it makes you feel and generally being happy and grateful for the kindness you’ve observed. I said that I would use my ‘One Line a Day’ diary to capture and reflect on the kindness I had experienced or witnessed that day. I thought I would share with you a few of my highlights.

Monday – Super sunny day. At work I was doing some tough, annoying sewing. I said ‘If I was sensible I would be outside sewing, enjoying the sunshine.’ My boss practically insisted that I sit outside, lending me headphones so I could listen to music at the same time! It was really kind and thoughtful of her to help me make a horrible job better (although in just 45 minutes outside I got sunburn on the back of my neck!)

Wednesday – I had an appointment (for something I’m not quite ready to share – will be the subject of a later blogpost) and was nervous, panicky and at one point feeling faint. I was able to be kind to myself, take some deep breaths, admit what was wrong, received kindness from other people and able to complete the appointment.

Thursday – I’ve been continuing to say hello or morning to everyone I see on a walk with Milly. Today, one of the school mums said Hi to me first! That made so happy that I had had an impact on her, that she remembered who I was, that I had spread some kindness 😀

Friday – I was on a train. I had noticed that a fairly elderly woman was on the train but seemed to be being looked after by a lady with her. I assumed she was a friend or family member, possibly her a daughter. But no, it turned out she was a complete stranger as when she left the train she made sure that someone else would help the lady with the bag. I was so touched that she was so kind and considerate to a complet stranger – enough to make me think she could have been her daughter. Lovely that there is some overwhelmingly kind people out there.

Week 6 of the challenge is to think about someone who inspires or drives you to be more kind. I’ve never really thought about a role model or someone who inspires me in this way. I’m going to think really hard about this one. Have you got any suggestions for someone who could inspire me?

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