Kindness Challenge – Week 6

For a little while I’ve been thinking about what to do this week for the Kindness Challenge. There wasn’t anyone that sprung to mind when thinking about someone who inspires me to be kinder. I have kind people in my life, very kind friends and family, but I have never thought about them in this way.


But inspiration struck when flicking through some magazines. There was an article with journalist Bryony Gordon discussing her OCD and depression and how she has used walking to help her. (Similar article from Huffington Post here).

She has inspired me by being honest about her mental health, writing about it in her newspaper column and writing a book ‘Mad Girl’. This she has done not only to help herself but to raise awareness and help others. She has also started a walking peer support group, Mental Health Mates, in London but she wants to work with others to set them up around the country.

Bryony has inspired me as she is kind to herself and kind to others. She has inspired me to get in touch and explore the idea of setting up a Mental Health Mates group locally – watch this space!


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